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Well, it must be time to report on how we are managing with shopping at Coles and Woolworths. I managed to go a whole three days before running out of something and thinking I need to nick up the road and get some more. We have a breadmaker that is used sporadically. I have a run where it is used often for a couple of weeks and then it sits in silence in its corner of the kitchen for weeks on end. So I felt the need to call it into more regular action and made a couple of loaves. The yeast was getting low but it didn’t register properly until I went to make the third loaf that I didn’t have enough. What to do! I checked the time and it was too late to go to the IGA as it was shut. Was I going to only last three days before succumbing to the fact that I couldn’t live without Coles or Woolworths in my Life! No! We are fortunate to have a bakery pretty close by, so I was up there at 7am. “I’ll have a loaf of sliced wholemeal please?” “How would you like it sliced?” So I came away with a loaf of wholemeal, sliced medium and a loaf of day old white sliced bread. By buying a loaf of day old my two loaves only cost me four dollars. So not only did I shop at a small local business but it actually cost me less than at the major supermarket. And the children were excited at the site of white bread, with them usually having to suffer my insistence on wholemeal! Since then I’ve bought a couple of loaves of fresh wholemeal bread for $5.40, so no dearer than the supermarkets, unless you are buying their own bread.

After a week I had a brother visit from interstate and he wanted to get some things from Woollies on his way back to his friends place, as he was cooking tea that night. I didn’t think I could preach to him about the evils of Coles and Woollies seeing only a week beforehand I had been a regular shopper of many decades duration. I had a dilemma also – three $20 vouchers stuck on the fridge attesting to my frequent shopper status. What to do, a)Throw them out, b)Give them away, c)Use them? Actually, it wasn’t too hard a choice. I grabbed one and whilst he did his shopping I grabbed a tin of Milo and some kangaroo fillets. We aren’t rolling in money and being a family of six I realised I have be sensible. So the goal has shifted to minimise visits to Coles and Woolworths and not to beat myself up if I have to go there. To reduce my shopping there is a success and I shouldn’t beat myself up if I get caught out occasionally and have to go there. A bit like the dieter who has a piece of cake, then because they have blown their diet eats the whole cake. Just have one piece of cake and get back on track.

So I have done a big shop and a little shop at the local IGA, plus a trip to Mick’s Vegie Shed and Young’s Vegie Shed, as well as my regular fortnightly visit to the Burnie Farmer’s Market. Apart from the one trip to Woollies I have had one visit to Coles. I normally park in a carpark downtown associated with the Centro shopping centre and it’s free, if you stay for less than 90 minutes and spend ten dollars or more in the complex. Parking at meters I seem to attract tickets, so always park in that carpark. Zoomed in the other day and after my appointment realised that I usually grab my ten dollars or more from Coles. It is so convenient. Hmm, switch to Kmart? But it is owned by the same crowd. Didn’t need anything from Sanity, EB Games, Millers or a massage from the Chinese ladies. I felt the need to resist the slices that were calling to me from the bakery. Being in a hurry, I grabbed some things from Coles and I slept ok that night.

So my conclusion is it is going well. I need have sorted out what we are having to eat each week ahead of time. I need to make sure things are written down that we are running out of. In other words be better organised, which can only be a good thing. Also, I need to plan a good vegetable garden for next Spring. After digging the potatoes a few weeks ago there is only a bit of kale growing and some beetroot that need pulling out. I need to add planting some garlic to the job list, as that’s about the only thing to plant at the moment. Or do I let the ducks and chooks in there to clean it up a bit and fertilise it?

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