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That’s it! Sometimes we need something or someone to give us a bit of a push to get going on a goal or vision we have been thinking about. In the supermarket business, the dominance of Coles and Woolworths has bugged me for a while. How, because of their size they can bully small and even larger businesses into accepting what offer they put on the table, as businesses are so dependent on having their products on the shelves of the major supermarket players.
We watched the ABC Four Corners episode last night titled, “Slaving away: The dirty secrets behind Australia’s fresh food.” Some labour hire firms and food production enterprises are mistreating mostly foreign workers with long working hours, poor living conditions and underpayment of wages. The produce of these big players mostly ends up in our major supermarkets and fast food chains.
Sure, government regulators can try and stamp out those doing the wrong thing, but while major supermarkets are constantly trying to drive down the price they pay producers and suppliers, exploitation will occur.
What can we do? We have no control over unscrupulous labour hire firms. What we can do is become more aware of where the food we buy comes from. We can buy food direct from producers or from someone who can tell us the story of where the food comes from and answer any questions we have.
So, it’s time to try to do without Coles and Woolworths (we don’t have Aldi where we live). It will be hard in that the nearest Woolworths store is only a five minute walk from home and so convenient. But it is time to try. On Sunday, for only the second time in my life, I wrote down a menu plan for the next fortnight, so I’ll have a look through it to see if we can make it through without a visit to the fresh food people!

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