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Bodhi Farm Organics

Product Description

Super Spice has an alias! You may have known it as Chip Spice in a former life, but after a naming competition it was renamed Super Spice. Goes great on chips and wedges but has other uses. It is a combination of salt and spices, with no preservatives, so substitute it wherever you might use salt and pepper. Super Spice won a silver medal at the 2014 Hobart Fine Food Awards.

Tanya started up Bodhi Farm Organics in 2011, after making Dukkah for dinner parties where it was always a hit. Initially she grew what she could organically in Huonville, but has since left her acreage behind. She has some contract growers that she obtains ingredients from. She sources locally and organically where possible. Tanya produces her products in small batches in a commercial kitchen at Geeveston.

Gluten and dairy free

Comes in 60g packets

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