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Johnno’s Home Made: Cracked Pepper Pasta Sauce


Johnno’s Home Made Cracked Pepper Pasta Sauce

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Johnno’s produce two pasta sauces. The Italian Style Pasta Sauce is sweeter than the Cracked Pepper Pasta Sauce, so try them both to find which you like the most.

Gluten free

Available in 550g jars.

Johnno’s started off in 1991, with some excess fruit being made into half a dozen bottles of jam by Phyllis Johnstone, which her son, Scott, took off to market. It was all sold and more jam was made with sauces and chutneys added as time went by. They sold Johnno’s in 2009, but when the present owners, Andy and Glen, bought it in 2014, they reconnected with Phyllis. You could say they were trained up by her, going over original recipes and procedures, with the goal being to maintain that homemade feel.

Johnno’s Homemade is popular and well known, so it might come as a surprise to some that Andy and Glen run the whole show, with just a very rare appearance by their wives in peak times of production. They are committed to sourcing 100% Tasmanian fruit for their jam, with the majority coming from Westerway Berry Farm. They make an exception for their Orange and Lemon Marmalade for obvious reasons. Tasmanian tomatoes are sourced where possible, with their freezer being filled with them, to use when the growing season is over.

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