Johnno’s Home Made Sauces, Relishes, Chutney, Jams, Jellies, etc.

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Every gardener knows about the joy of planting, tending to, watching the growth, the joy in picking the first of the crop and then the glut! Lettuces ready all at once, tomatoes coming out your ears, plums you can’t pick quick enough to keep up with, zucchinis you can’t even give away as everyone either has zucchinis to give away or has been given some! The seed of Johnno’s Homemade was planted in an abundant season. In 1991, Phyllis Johnstone made some excess fruit into half a dozen bottles of jam, which was taken to the local market by her son, Scott. He returned, having sold it all, so more jam was made and with time sauces and chutneys were added. They worked on Johnno’s and built it up over 18 years, selling the business in 2009. When the present owners, Andy and Glen, bought it in 2014, they reconnected with Phyllis. You could say they were trained up by her, going over original recipes and procedures, with the goal being to maintain that homemade feel and retain the flavours that people who had grown up with Johnno’s products in the cupboard had fond memories of.

Johnno’s Homemade is popular and well known, so it might come as a surprise to some that Andy and Glen run the whole show, with just a very rare appearance (so they say) by their wives in peak times of production. They operate from a registered food premises at Kingston, just south of Hobart. Andy and Glen are committed to sourcing 100% Tasmanian fruit for their jam, with the majority coming from Westerway Berry Farm. Orange and Lemon Marmalade is an exception for obvious reasons. Tasmanian tomatoes are sourced where possible, with their huge freezer being filled with them, to use when the growing season is over.

When you have a regular following it can be hard to sneak anything past them. Andy and Glen have dropped one product from the Johnno’s range, that being Apple Jelly. Well, it wasn’t long and they had lovers of Johnno’s Homemade Apple Jelly contacting them, wanting to know what had happened to it! Another change they have made is snazzy new labels, not too different from the old ones, but jazzed up a bit with nice, gold lettering.

As well as sauces, relishes, chutney and jams, Johnno’s also make pasta sauce, quince jelly and lemon butter. Their best selling sauce is, you guessed it, tomato sauce. Their most popular jam is raspberry. These are definitely a couple of staples that need to be in everyone’s cupboard. The Spicy BBQ Sauce and Orange & Lemon Marmalade are next in the popularity stakes.

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