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I have been irritated by the dominance of a Coles and Woolworths in the food industry for quite a while now. To see the reduction in choice of brands whilst their product lines increase is to their benefit but not consumers. I like to buy local if I can and love buying off farmers and producers at markets, knowing the people I’m buying from have produced/made what I’ve purchased. I’ve looked online and haven’t found a site to go to buy much in the way of Tasmanian grown and made food items. Many businesses have their own products on their sites, but I don’t want to visit ten websites to buy ten products from ten businesses. Thus the reason for the start up of this website and online shop.

I’m still formulating my philosophy and ideas, which will probably evolve over time. Thinking about a logo I came up with a Chinese (used in Japanese as well) character inside a map of Tasmania. The Chinese character Chi or Shi means food, to eat. China is becoming increasing prominent as a market for Tasmanian goods, which I think could be a two edged sword. Demand from China for Tasmanian produced food items could easily outstrip demand which would be great for producers. However, for local (Australian) consumers the price could well be driven up beyond reach. Rock Lobster (crayfish) comes to mind as an example where this has already happened. So, we’d like people to eat Tasmanian produce and products but Tasmania could in a way be gobbled up by China’s demand. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out. I like the look of the Chinese character, could be a lid over a pot or a roof over our heads. A roof over our heads and food on the table are basic needs that when met help us feel secure. I think the greater variety of food produced in a region or state or nation adds to its overall wellbeing and security.

It is amazing when you get out and about, what clever, creative people are around and what they are managing to do. This applies to more than food, but on the food side it can be hard to get noticed. Hopefully, this website will help to get the products seen of a few more, hardworking, small producers.

Update: I liked the logo but someone with website experience thought there was a disconnect with what the website was about so I changed it at the start of October 2015. Hopefully, most people like the new one.

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