This site has come about to help resolve a long held conflict. We love buying Tasmanian goods and produce but also shop a lot at Coles and Woolworths as it is so convenient. It irks us that farmers and producers get so little for their products, when the major supermarkets continue to increase their profits year after year. So our hope is that we can help you easily locate products and produce, grown or made by Tasmanians, without having to hunt through dozens of websites and order from each one.Hopefully, you will also discover new products you weren’t even aware were made, produced or grown in Tasmania. Also we hope to be a support to small producers, enabling them to obtain a decent return for their products and efforts.

We live on Tasmania’s north west coast in a simple house on four acres. Our family of six includes four school age children, three of which are teenagers.  We are still trying to convince them of the joys of gardening in the vegie patch.

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