41° South Tasmania

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It’s time to start showcasing some of the great products produced here in Tasmania and the talented and hardworking people behind them.

41° South Tasmania is a salmon farm, ginseng nursery and wetlands near Deloraine. They are on Montana Road The farm was carved out of willow and gorse infested scrub starting in 1998 by Ziggy and Angelika Pyka, who moved to Tasmania from Germany. Hard work and trial and error helped them develop their successful methods for growing ginseng and farm salmon in a freshwater environment. They offer free tastings and light lunches at their small café.

With hard work ponds were built and wetlands were created resulting in what is now a beautiful example of a native Tasmanian wetland with hundreds of species of native flora and fauna that includes many species of birds as well as being home to the platypus, a testament to the pristine state of the water.

The salmon farm is an inland fish farm raising salmon in the cold and pristine fresh water just downstream from the Montana Falls. There are twenty fresh-water ponds which at any one time house around 10,000 Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon in various stages of grow-out. The smallest are 10 cm in length and the salmon are generally harvested at a length of about 45 cm.

Korean and American ginseng are both grown.  Ginseng has been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The root is used and takes seven years at the minimum to reach a worthwhile size. Ginseng is used for both its medicinal as well as culinary properties.

Their Ginseng Spice Mix is great for adding to any dish you would add salt and pepper or herbs to, from culinary delights to simple tomato or eggs on toast. Another unique product from 41° South Tasmania is Leatherwood Honey sourced from the Tarkine wilderness infused with panax ginseng.


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